Australian and New Zealand work conditions demand the toughest of products. It is why the clothing brands of the regions need to manufacture products in compliance with certain standards. These standards ensure that the products provide the best safety and comfort to the wearers.

Toughness is a quality many can profess but few possess. Many brands in Australia claim to have the toughest products, but nothing has shown the quality of being as tough as Hard Yakka. Hard Yakka has a great history of providing to the needs of the Aussies from the 1930s itself. The toughness and its deep desire to be a tough brand are evident from its name ‘Hard Yakka’ which translates to “hard work” in the Australian aboriginal dialect.

All Hard Yakka has focussed on is to produce quality products that excelled in every area and showed a quality that wasn’t seen anywhere, or in any product before. Soon after, Hard Yakka became a brand best loved by the people, and a name synonymous with quality, toughness and durability. Even though the brand was in the limelight and experiencing great success, it stayed true to its spirit and was constantly striving for or new and better ways to do things.

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