While purchasing a garment, what would we hope for? Sometimes we would wish for comfort, sometimes we would wish for functionality, sometimes for durability and the list goes on and on. But what if we get all these in a single package? Well that is what we are always looking for, isn’t it?

Now, then let us meet a product that provides each of its wearers with what they are searching for. The product mentioned here is nothing else but the Hard Yakka Legends - Legends Short (Y05066). As the name suggests, the Legends range is designed to be the toughest player in the workwear industry. The quality that this range showcases makes it peerless in the industry and truly a legend. Well from a brand like Hard Yakka, we expect no less.

Hard Yakka is one of the most famous and largest brands in Australia which had just a small beginning. In the 1930s, when the brand was established, its sole aim was to help each of its customers work hard. The products from this brand were also designed to work hard along with the tradies, thus its name Hard Yakka, with Yakka being the Australian aboriginal word for Work.

The main aim of Hard Yakka brand was to produce workwear that excelled in every arena and led the way in each area it catered to. This commitment in producing and delivering the best helped the Hard Yakka brand name to be synonymous with quality, toughness and durability. Each of its products came with the quality to take on any challenges in the work industry.

Though being a brand with a successful and rich history, Hard Yakka was never a brand to be content on what they deliver. Though with each product outclassing the previous one, Hard Yakka always had a constant desire to improve its products and product range. This is what led to the birth of supreme quality products and an array of ranges that made this brand one of the most formidable forces in Australian workwear industry.

The Legends range is one such range that was born out of the constant desire of Hard Yakka to find out new ways to do things. With lots of products decorating its catalogue, one of the most famous products from this range is the Hard Yakka Legends - Legends Short (Y05066). As mentioned earlier, this is an all-in-one solution for all your needs.

This short is made of 100% cotton fabric that comes in a Panama weave. The fabric has a weight of 340gsm that makes it tougher and capable enough to undertake any task. The Hard Yakka Legends Short comes in a relaxed fit and above the knee length. This can ensure that the wearer is comfortable at all times and that its strong fabric can provide great durability.

For toughness and added durability, you can find reinforcements in multiple high abrasion zones. These areas include front pocket bags (internal), back hip pockets and ruler and cargo pockets. The triple stitched inleg, front and back crotch seams can help in preventing tearing, even when much stress is applied to it. The bar tacks on stress points can also assist in this regard.

This short is also the best when it comes to functionality and utility. On the wearer's left side you can find a bellowed cargo pocket. This pocket also contains smartphone storage which is secured with tab, plus tool pocket. On the right side, the pocket features provision for ruler, tool and pen. With the pocket coming with a released lower part, you needn’t be afraid of the ruler digging into the back of your leg.

The Front pockets on either side of the short feature a wide opening the adds to the convenience of the wearer. An additional fob pocket that you can find on the right-hand side can help carry your coins and keys around.

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