Personal Protective Equipment or PPE is equipment that is designed to keep the tradie safe and protect his body from hazards and injury. One among the PPE is footwear. As we all know, these help to protect the feet of the tradies and tread workplaces with ease.

Work shoes and Safety boots protect the foot and leg from hazards like chemicals, falling objects or compression. These shoes would often have steel toes so that the front of the boot is always protected and the protection is, in turn, provided to the toes. The most common types of footwear are the lace-ups and elastic side boots.

In an industrial work site, footwear is an important PPE. To have the best protection, each tradie must use the best footwear from the best brands. It is where KingGee boots come to the forefront. With more importance lent to performance, functionality and quality, KingGee work shoes and safety boots can perform their intended functions with ease.

KingGee is a brand well renowned across Australia. The popularity of the brand rests in the fact that it is a veteran player in the Australian workwear industry and has a whole range of products that caters to various needs. KingGee brand started its operations from 1926, making it have over 9 decades of experience in catering to the needs of the people. This experience has helped them to provide the people exactly with what they need.

No matter how much experience it has, or how successful it has been, KingGee brand is all about finding new ways to improve itself. It is a brand that always tries to change according to the changing work conditions so that their customers are never left behind. The brand has a passion and expertise that is second to none. All we can find from this brand are premium products that provide comfort, durability and functionality, thereby enabling you to work at your best, regardless of the conditions.

KingGee takes great care in designing, developing and manufacturing each of its products. This is also true about its boots. The safety boots developed by KingGee is designed in compliance with the latest Australia and New Zealand Standards for protective and occupational footwear. Each of their safety boots complies with AS/NZS 2210.3:2009 standards.

The best part is that each individual component of the boot like fabric, sole, thread, lining, etc. is tested for compliance with the standards. The boots also undergo tests such as bonding tests, compression tests, and impact tests to make sure that it is strong enough to tackle anything in its way. To ensure great safety, the footwear from this brand are Podiatry endorsed, making it the best for the feet.

The leather shoes also use quality leathers to achieve that premium feel at all times. The leather used by KingGee is flexible, breathable and supple. The leather used by KingGee is durable and it could last up to five times longer than fabric. It also has properties of being tough and resistant to tear and puncture. This leather also naturally repels moisture, retains its shape, and resists sun and heat damage. The types of leather used by KingGee are Full-Grain Leather, Suede Leather, Nubuck Leather and Crazy Horse Leather.

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